Intrasari Pratama


  • Tanggal didirikan Januari 21, 1993
  • Industri Lainnya
  • Lowongan 0
  • Dilihat 303
  • Berdiri Sejak 1993

Deskripsi Perusahaan

Family ownership

Originally founded in 1993 as a trading company single-handedly run by Mr. Handoyo Hoo , the family business gradually evolved adapting to the circumstances. In the 2006, the three sons took over the reins and began manufacturing consumer products as an addition to its main trading business. Though we have been passed down a generation, our family spirit and heritage remain.

External changes

Indonesia’s business environment prior to the Second World War was relatively conducive. Circumstances changed dramatically after Indonesia’s Independence. Politically caught in the Cold War, business took a turn reaching its lowest point during 1966. The company’s resilience persisted and in the early 1970’s as the economy began to flourish, once again the company joined the bandwagon. In 1998 the stormy economic as well as political crisis saw numerous companies flounder and perish. Armed with perseverance and adaptive spirit, the company triumphed and managed to survive, standing tall to this day.

Changes in business opportunities

We have been moving alongside the constant change of business opportunities present in the market, identifying and optimizing potential opportunities.

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